Attendance Tracker

Track attendance at our meetings by counting the unique faces that walk in!

DoTA Science

Can we predict the winner of a DoTA match, given just the 10 characters making up two teams?

Beta Zero

Learn to play chess through self-play, reinforcement learning, and neural network guided tree search. It's a little derivative :)


Build a Catan playing agent. Artificially intelligent road building.

Intro Tutorials

A new tutorial or workshop on introductory topics each week.

Past Projects

Twitter NLP

We analyzed Twitter data using natural language processing techniques, building from linear bag-of-words approaches to fully neural models. We experimented with both sentiment classification and text generation.

Project Nucleus

As part of the 2018 Data Science Bowl, we worked on detecting cell nuclei.


Buzzmobile is our autonomous car project. This was the Agency's founding project. It has gone through a number of iterations and its scale has increased since the club's founding.


Halite is a competition hosted by the Agency where bots fight for control of a 2D grid. The bot with the most territory at the end wins.

2016 — Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing experiments with the goal of having an RNN successfully answer analogy questions.

2016 — Neural Network Hyperparameter Optimization

Optimizing hyperparameters in order to understand how neural networks work and how we can make them better.

2015 — Tetris Bot

We competed amongst ourselves to see which group, the Java enthusiasts or the Pythonistas could build the better Tetris-playing agent in the AI Block Battle.

2015 — IARRC

IARRC stands for the International Autonomous Robot Racing Competition. We were brought on to improve the software for one of the Robojacket's projects (the robotics team at GT). The robot performed admirably, and we are taking our lessons learned from this project into Buzzmobile.

2014 — Graph Reduction

A tool to make graphs look pretty. Uses simulated annealing and other randomized optimization techniques to find the most visually pleasing layout for a graph.

2014 — Music Generator

2014 — Who Are You

2013 — CSPScheduler

2013 — GTNow