The Agency at Georgia Tech was founded in early 2013 when a likeminded group of students decided that they wanted to build a self driving car. Jesse Rosalia, Rachel Clark, Alex Linton, and a few friends petitioned the College of Computing for funding, bought a power wheels, and through sheer grit and determination managed to get computing hardware and actuators mounted on it.

In the ensuing year, the club grew from a few friends to a larger collection of students. They took in new students and started teaching about concepts and topics in AI not directly related to autonomous vehicles. The power wheels, Eleanor, got painted gold.

By Fall 2014, the club had partnered with the Robojackets and gotten a new, larger vehicle: Buzzmobile would replace Eleanor as the club’s main development platform, and successfully drove itself in the 2014 Ramblin’ Reck’ Homecoming Parade1.

Since 2014, the club has grown. The founders all graduated. Rachel and Jesse got married. Eleanor was destroyed. Leadership passed on to students who weren’t even enrolled when The Agency began. The Agency continues to be a hands on organization devoted to learning about automated intelligence, machine learning, and yes, autonomous cars.

1 mostly


  • Project Meeting:

    Tue 6:00PM CCB 346

  • Lecture Meeting:

    Wed 6:30PM CCB 345

  • Deep Learning Paper Reading:

    (every 2 weeks after lecture meeting)


Current Officers

  • External Relations
    Valentine Wilson

    "I don't want to give a description, I'm not creative enough."

  • Internal Operations
    Marc Marone

    I know more than I ever wanted to know about writing parallel code in Python, but in a lame way not a sexy GPU way.

  • Treasurer
    Arda Pekis

    I am not a robot

  • Secretary
    Sahit Chintalapudi

    Deep dreaming of ROSLISP.

  • Communications
    Kevin Berry


Notable Alumni