The Agency at Georgia Tech was founded in early 2013 when a likeminded group of students decided that they wanted to build a self driving car. Jesse Rosalia, Rachel Clark, Alex Linton, and a few friends petitioned the College of Computing for funding, bought a power wheels, and through sheer grit and determination managed to get computing hardware and actuators mounted on it.

By Fall 2014, the club had partnered with the Robojackets to build a new, larger vehicle: Buzzmobile. It became the club’s main development platform, and successfully1 drove itself in the 2014 Ramblin’ Reck’ Homecoming Parade.

Since 2014, the club has grown. The founders all graduated, and the new leadership focused on teaching students about general AI and machine learning instead of just autonomous vehicles. That generation also graduated, and has gone off to work on exciting research problems in industry.

Currently, our club is at its largest. The new ML@GT unit has given our club members access to advanced talks from outside researchers, and provided a great resource for our members interested in undergraduate research. As a club, we've partnered with other campus organizations to enhance the student experience through events like ML workshops and a Grad School Interest dinner. More exciting collaborations are in the works!

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  • Project Meeting:

    Tue 6:30 CCB 345

  • Lecture Meeting:

    Wed 6:30 CCB 345

  • Deep Learning Reading Group:

    First and Third Wednesday of the Month 7:30 CCB 345


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